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Who are PPL MVR? And more curiously, what are PPL MVR? Despite the widespread digital proclamation of their yeti identities, we have word from the source itself that they ARE NOT FUCKING YETIS!!!!”

Both are perplexing questions that seemingly no one outside of their immediate inner-circle knows the answers to, although the Internet is on fire with conspiracy theories.  What we do know is that PPL MVR are namely SNWBLL, K-PO and Q. They’re rock & roll moguls whose anonymity echoes the cryptic frenzy of The Resident’s heyday during the 1970’s.

Their shows are enigmatic and EPIC; PPL MVR are headbanging, guitar shredding, face-painting ritualists, audience-immersive monster performers. They communicate mostly through grunts, foot stomps and broken English, committing fully to the beastly characters they’ve created.  Their performances are more than just rock concerts, they’re unlike any show we’ve experienced before [our Snapchat stories are a testament to that]. Beyond theatrics, PPL MVR works as a band because their music is insanely good. In other instances, hype around a project this outlandish may fade, but the quality of music PPL MVR are creating is good enough to sustain everyone’s attention. Even during their shows - yes, the novelty of witnessing their first song is exciting, but instead of leveling-out, they deliver banger upon banger that keeps the audience on fire and craving more.

Honestly, a written description doesn’t do them justice; a PPL MVR show is something you need to experience for yourself. We were initially blessed with a performance at Culture Collide’s Coachella pre-party back in April and we haven’t been able to get enough since. Their show presented by IHEARTCOMIX and KCRW at Los Globos this week did not disappoint either. The band delivered greater than we had previously witnessed, headbanging amongst the audience, blessing lucky ones with white facepaint deeming them as “The Chosen,” piercing the audience with intense eye-contact, and melting our faces off with heavy guitar riffs and autotune goodness. Basically, we’re so stoked that this band exists.

Our interview with them below speaks for itself. Their debut EP The One and Only PPL MVR is available via Elektra Records. Get lost in the world of the one and only PPL MVR.

What is the story behind the band name and the lack of vowels in your day to day language?
What is the story behind the name Justine and it's many vowels?

Where are you from?
We come from the deep ether that flows between sleep and death.

Who and what are some of your biggest musical influences?
We still hum the ancient songs of Stratonicus, but the leopards longest roar provides us with a well of inspiration.

What are you writing about when you write music?
We write about the tragedies and wonders of this world - the past, present and future, and how they collide.

When can we expect a full length album?
Time is irreconcilable. Enjoy the fruit that is ripe on the tree today.

Your live shows are very audience-immersive and high energy. What goes into recreating your songs for the live show?
We work to create a temporary temple where we can all commune with our true animal nature.

Could you explain the ritual of marking members in your audience with white chalk? We were blessed at the Culture Collide Coachella pre-party.
You are now one of The Chosen. Your markings helped place you in our moment of togetherness so we could connect more deeply with the true self.

What has been your craziest fan encounter?
There is no "craziness". We are all born to dance, yawp, chant, and scream.

What does music mean to you?
Music flows through every measure of our universe, from the smallest molecule to the largest celestial objects. It is everything, everywhere, always.

What has been your proudest moment as a band so far and what is your definition of success?
We strive to eschew pride. Success is being truly tethered to the infinite now.

As yetis, has it been difficult to adapt to using social media? What’s your opinion on its involvement in the music industry?

What do you like to do outside of music?
Fight, Fuck, Feed - Shake, Shout, Bleed.

Have you found Los Angeles to be a hospitable city for yetis? Does it ever feel too hot, and do you ever miss the snow?

Favorite brunch spots in LA?
What is brunch? We eat when we are hungry.

Bloody marys or mimosas?