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The Griswolds


The Griswolds LYKA

Following a steady stream of insanely good music from Down Under, The Griswolds are the freshest Aussie band taking over the U.S. airwaves. Their songs are the perfect mix of catchy and charming, and you can’t help but want to dance, sing and pound shots to their music.

The band is comprised of four Aussie babes, led by front-man Christopher Whitehall, and rounded out by Tim John (bass), Daniel Duque-Perez (gtr) and Lachlan West (drums). We got a chance to ask front-man Chris some questions about the band's creative process, recent tour, tequila and their first full-length, Be Impressive released via Wind-up Records.

Where does the band name stem from?
Our name was a result of a drunk night chatting about 80’s culture... We thought about calling our band 'Chevy Chase' or 'Bernie Lomax' but we ended up sticking with The Griswolds in the end.

You guys describe yourselves as “tequila-inspired party-pop” - is your music in fact inspired by tequila? What is the band’s creative / songwriting process like?
Well there's probably a lot of alcoholic beverages that in some way shape what we do I guess, we often do a lot of writing whilst enjoying some beers, or some fireball, or tequila if we're really looking to get wild. Nowadays, we actually do a lot of writing in the tour bus.

And what’s your favorite brand of tequila?
1800 is my favourite.

There is so much good music coming out of Australia lately… What’s your take on the current Australian music scene and who have you been listening to recently?
We really like Vance Joy, Tame Impala, Cut Copy and Temper Trap; I listen to them all the time. I feel like there was probably always great music coming out of Australia, but a lot more people are taking notice recently because of bands like Gotye and Tame Impala. Guys like that are paving the way for younger Aussie bands to come over to the U.S. The Internet helps a lot, too.

How does your recent success in the U.S. feel? What have the U.S. audience responses to your music been like?
It blows us away every day! Can't believe that Beware the Dog is getting smashed on radio over here! It's not something we'd ever imagined to come true. The gigs are ridiculous, we're having the best time on tour at the moment, the shows are just getting better and better.

How has it been working with Tony Hoffer on the new record? What can we expect from your first full length?
Tony is a fucken legend, he quickly became like another band member, as well as a best friend. He really brought out the best in us and challenged us into making a record that we're stupidly proud of. The album is a real journey of ups and downs, party sing-alongs, alongside some deeper, more mature kind of tracks.

What did you grow up listening to and what are you listening to currently?
I personally grew up on Seattle sound; Nirvana and Pearl Jam were my 2 favourite bands. Currently I'm listening to the new Foster the People album.

How much attention do you pay to your visual aesthetics as a band? Regarding personal fashion choices and also your album artwork and video content?
We don't really care about what we wear so much, we are probably the most haphazard looking band in terms our clothing choices. As for the album art and video concepts we actually come with most, if not all if that content. We're very hands-on.

What has been your proudest moment as a group thus far?
The day we received our first album completely finished in the mail - that was a huge moment for us. We all worked so hard on it and we're all really proud of it!

What do you guys like to do outside of music?
Beach, frisbee, drink with friends and family back home.

Favorite LA brunch spot?
Poquito Mas and Mendocino Farms.

Favorite brunch item?

Bloody marys or mimosas?
Bloody mimosas.